Image Editing

How to scan and edit an image or document in Microsoft Office™

Scanner Addin has powerful image editing capabilities built into the software. These capabilities allow you to crop, rotate or apply effects to an image before you insert it into your Microsoft Office™ document.

Using the Settings Wizard

By pressing the 'Insert From Scanner' button or when modifying your default settings for One-Click scanning, you will invoke the settings wizard which will guide you through the scanning process.

Depending on whether you have multiple devices to choose from will determine what screen will appear first. If multiple devices are available the first screen will allow you to choose which device you would like to use.

Sometimes you may only have one physical device but the screen will show multiple devices with similar names. This is because there are different ways to access a device, mainly via TWAIN or WIA. This is why the same device will often show up 2 times but with slightly different names that may or may not contain the words TWAIN or WIA in the name.

If selecting one of these causes some unpredictable or undesirable scanning results you may want to try the other one to see if this resolves the issue.

Once you have selected your device, press the next button.

Depending on the capabilities of your scanning device you may or may not have more than one location to scan from. Some scanners are equipped with both an automatic document feeder (ADF) and a flatbed screen, while others also have duplex or double sided scanning capabilities. This is where you would select the location from which you will scan your document.

The following screen will allow you to select from a pre-set list of common scan types or you can select the 'Custom' option for finer control over the settings. For most scenarios selecting from one of the pre-set options will suffice.

After completing the settings wizard and pressing the 'Begin Scanning' button, you are now ready to start scanning your document.

Scanning Images or Documents

On the left of the screen you'll notice the 'Scan Settings' area which will expand when pressing it. Here you can modify your settings if needed.

To begin scanning simply press the 'Scan' button near the bottom. Doing so will engage the device. Once the device is done scanning, the images will appear in the main window.

If you have a flatbed scanner and would like to combine multiple pages into the same document simply press the 'Scan' button again. You will be prompted to either replace the current image/s or add them to the current set.

You may use the buttons near the bottom to move between pages or to zoom in or out of the image.

Applying effects to images

To apply an effect to the image/s you can select an area by using the 'Selection Tool' near the top or simply leave the image 'as is' to apply the effect to the entire image. Note - In order to crop the image you will need to make a selection.

Once you have the desired area selected simply choose from one of the effects in the drop-down menu.

After you are done editing the images simply press the 'Accept Scan' button at the bottom to insert the images into your Microsoft Office™ document.

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