Use with a Camera or Phone

Insert Images from your phone or camera

Scanner Addin allows you to insert images from a phone or camera into your Microsoft Office™ document. As long as your phone or camera is WIA compatible then Scanner Addin is able to retrieve images from its memory. This allows you to quickly and easily insert images from your iPhone™, Blackberry™, Windows Mobile™ or other WIA compatible device.

Scanner Addin is able to retrieve and display the images from your camera with the click of a single button. If your phone is setup as the default device in your One-Click settings simply press the 'Image from Scanner' button to bring up a window that displays the images on your device.

For more information on One-Click scanning click here.

After selecting one or multiple images (hold the ctrl or shift key while selecting) simply press the 'O.K.' button to insert the images into your Microsft Office™ document.

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